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Tuesday July 1, 2008 2:43 pm

EveryScape Goes Beyond Google Maps


A Massachusetts online company has released the beta Everyscape that takes Google mapping an extra step. When you hit their site, you click on a location and see not only the outside but the inside of tourist attractions, musical venues, museums, etc. Click again and you can get detailed info.

“While Google has focused their technology on building a better map, we wanted to do more and replicate the experience of actually being somewhere,” chief executive Jim Schoonmaker said.

The work is being done by “destination ambassadors” that use specialized equipment to map by the mile. It’s a nice idea that seems like it has a long way to go.


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Oh wow this would be better. You can see where your going looks like. I would use this one more. I think its cool they show you around kinda like a tour before you get there. You can see if thats where you really want to go to.

I checked it out at EveryScape.com and found that the quality of this view is greater than Google Maps Street View.  You can see all the stores and buildings and cars!  This is an interesting technology, I look forward to seeing it once it’s out of beta.

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