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Monday May 26, 2008 4:50 pm

ESPN Ultimate Universal Remote

ESPN RemoteIs your dad/spouse/partner an extreme sports freak? Then he/she deserves the ESPN Universal Remote. This “Ultimate” DMR-1 remote has a 2.2-inch QVGA screen with built-in light sensor, gives real time stats and scores for both teams and players, allows you to browse and shop online with Click365 tech, and lets you text fellow sports fans from the remote. No PC is needed for set-up. Pre-order at Amazon for a hefty $299.99 and if you are lucky, it will make it by Dad’s Day.

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Ah, another unneeded device.  Why don’t they work on a remote for the PC or something.

a can beer with this then i m in heaven…
dont want any woman to touch this ,this should a tool for men only..

why do people make such devices. Which are less used.

i thought it was a mobile when i first saw that lol.

There are so many unnecessary features in this thing.  Do you really need to shop while watching sports?  Do you really need a remote to text people while watching sports?

Whatever happened to meeting at the house of whoever has the biggest TV?

Wow… I am speechless!  Too bad its so expensive, but it definitely seems like it has way too many features (the real time stats are enticing me though!)

I like its feature one-touch access to Internet content. also built-in Wi-Fi and home theater management features.

I’d love to have one but it is a bit pricey for me. If someone wants me to test one… wink,

now that, is the coolest gadget iv seen on the site so far
it will make some people extremely lazy but nonetheless its impressive that they could fit all of it into something hand held, and for this device i really cant complain about the price

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