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Wednesday June 25, 2008 2:53 pm

Electronic Cigarette

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Electronic CigaretteNot too long ago we showed you an electronic cigarette that was both expensive and unavailable. How about the less expensive version that includes 10 low, medium and high refills? It says that there is no tar or any other substance inside so we assume that it is veggie based. About the same size as the real thing, the ciggy lights up at the end with a red LED and lasts up to 8 hours on a 2 to 3 hour charge. If you don’t think you will look or feel too foolish, you can give the device a try for $42.00.

(Thanks, Fanny)

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Would be cheaper then buying cigerettes. Might help someone who is trying to quit smoking, they could pop this in their mouth and when they think they need a cig. And would keep the house and things from smelling like smoked.

Haha, oh my goodness. That is quite interesting, but for $42, um, keep us updated with the sales. Wouldn’t it just be easier to just exercise or go running? wink

“It gives you the same feeling of a tobacco cigarette without suffering any tar smoking damages”

Um, fantastic? Why don’t we just promote these electronic cigarettes in the future…haha…get the “experience” of smoking…

This would deffinetley cheaper and I think that this would most certainly help someone trying to quit like the comment above stated, but there is one thing that I’m wondering about this product. If this isn’t a REAL cigarette, is it legal for minors to use them? I think that this would be an excellent idea for minors to use because police and D.A.R.E officers are always telling kids not to smoke and stuff, but the message never gets to the minors who actually do smoke. If these were legal for minors it might be able to lower the percentage of minors who do smoke real cigarettes, and best of all, it won’t in any way damage their lungs or any other part of their body.

There are so may factors to think about in this arqument for ecigs/vaping but I believe for those people who have been heavy smokers e-cigs could be a true life saver for them and now in the news there has been some new tests and developments showing that they are a lot safer than smoking although there has not been any evidence of long term effects! Interesting read

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Glen Gleedy Glen Gleedy 9/17/14 7:55 am

E-cigarettes and better yet, the “new” generation of portable vaporizer are something to follow up in the future. These will eventually kill the regular tobacco industry, but it will take some time.
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Cheers everyone!

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