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Tuesday April 22, 2008 2:55 pm

Einmnal DVD-D Disposable Movies

DVD-DWelcome to the world of expiring movies. Einmal’s DVD-Ds are only good for a 48 hour period and then the data is deleted. A few years ago, Flexplay had the same idea and used to offer titles via Amazon, although it never really caught on. If you check on Amazon’s site, you will find a “not available” and an offer from Unbox for a $2.99 rental or $9.99 price.

The discs are already in Italy, France and Scandinavia, but we are thinking with a price tag of €3.99 ($6.44,) you can head to your nearest retailer and check out the discount bin. And if you want to be really green about it, we still adore our Netflix.

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I really hate this idea to be honest.  Disney was thinking about doing this for awhile as well, but it is such a waste of resources!  Think of all the trash that is going to come out of all of this… these companies claim they want to be green, and now we are moving in the opposite direction :(

You only need about two hours or so to watch a movie so this isn’t a bad idea.  I just don’t like that it expires because some movies are enjoyable to watch more than once.

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