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Friday June 6, 2008 3:25 pm

eDimensional One-Handed Access Controller

Access ControllereDimensional and Ben Heckendorn have devised the Access Controller that can be played with one hand. Compatible with the Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and PC platforms, it has the regular functions of other gamepads, and also has modules that can be removed and replaced for any game or style. With 2.4 GHz wireless tech, the unit includes instructions for you to develop your own custom mods and accessories. Sales are on a first-come pre-order basis with a ship date expected of 8 to 10 weeks. Best of all, a portion of the $129.99 from some of the controllers will go to Children’s Hospital and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers.

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So this will be mainly be a target product for the people with disabilities,i guess.
Certainly a nice thought,i didn’t realise who would use it specifically untill the last line.

Well, I dont know if their only target is people with disabilities, as I think anyone could benefit from the customizability of this design.  I think they are just trying to find another unique way of gaming, but I can see how people with disabilities would really like this.  Looks like a great product and you help out a great cause—a win/win situation

well anyone could use this not just people with disabilities, but I think people with disabilities should be able to play to, I think it was nice for them to make this and it will also help children.

I have several ‘gaming’ input devices for my PC. Always happy to see new ones come out. I say gaming, but they can be programmed for other uses where macroing is a good thing.
I wonder how well this will work when your making popcorn in the microwave since they use the same frequency spectrum.

yeah i dont know if its aimed at the disabled, it looks like its for people who want all their major functions buttons in 1 place for ease. its not too bad of a price either, and a portion of it goes to a good cause

While this product has function for the disabled, it should come in handy for just about every gamer…if the price comes down.

This looks like a neat, little controller and it’s just fantastic that a portion of the sales will go to some great places. Since it is compatible with so many gaming systems, I think it would do pretty well in sales.

I see this as a great device geared towards people with disabilities.  As a gamer, I doubt this will replace the two-hand controller that we all tend to use with our games.  I don’t think it would be comfortable using the energy of just one hand to control the game.  It would be more efficient using two hands instead of wearing out one hand from hours of gaming.  It would be nice of this company to offer this controller at a great discount to disabled people.

Perfect controller with perfect price!

However, The website didn’t mentioned if it has X-Force 3 vibrator or there is no vibration at all.

Thanks for posting.

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