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Thursday May 29, 2008 2:20 pm

Drivemocion Rear Window LED Sign

Next time someone cuts you off on the highway, show them how you really feel with Drivemocion. The LED sign uses emoticons and animated messages to let others know what you are thinking. Stick it on your rear window with a suction cup and control it by remote up front. Powered by 4 AA batteries, the company claims they will last up to 4 months, unless you have a lot of road rage. There are 6 different types available for £24.99 to 29.99 (~$60.00, ) including one that uses words and another that uses a certain digit as the ultimate display of anger.


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cool i need to buy one of this.
i can clearly sent my love toward the police that been following me..
just hope that i m not going to get busted using this thou

This is a good idea, living in the city, you get cut off all the time. Would be nice to send the people who can’t drive, a message.

Perhaps this gadget was created to help prevent road rage!  People who are angry could put this on the back of their car and light it up so the other person would know how they feel about their driving.  This would prevent accidents from happening on the road. wink

Great, Just another way to cause ppl to be distracted and crash.

great I always need one of those. Since im a half a night crawler. lol. I would show. them to other good one.

ccol gadget.A must buy.

That’s similar to my idea, except mine involves spray paint and a stencil that reads “BACK OFF @$$HOLE”.

what a waste of perfectly good batteries.

Haha thats really funny, but as far as practical use, I find things like that very tacky—I refuse to put a bumper sticker on my car, maybe because it does not fit my personality really

Agreed.  I hate bumper stickers, unless they’re on Volkswagen vans.  Anything else and they are completely out of place and ugly.

Surely this may distract the driver/the driver following you… Also imagine pressing the wrong buttons. e.g. Flirt instead of Sorry

@ Linu:  That would just increase the hilarity.

And I’ve seen scrolling-LED signs on the backs of cars before, specifically in plastic license plate frames, and I was never really distracted by them.

I see a lot of road rage being escalated by this devise. Still cool though.

I hate when someone cuts me off and around here everyone is in a hurry. They are all the time going over the speed limit and if your not going over to then their mad. This gadget would be handy for me and cute to. I want one for myself.

lol! thats funny!
only problem is,
1. it would cause distraction and crashes like someone else said,
2. most likely the person behind you wouldnt know what the faces are there for, “wtf? why is their car smiling?”

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