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Friday May 30, 2008 2:40 pm

DIY Light Bulb Greenhouse

Light Bulb GreenhouseNow that you are replacing your incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient fluorescent ones, you can continue to keep the planet green by recycling them. Inspired by a Popular Science ad, LinuxH4x0r gives you instructions to transform them into mini-greenhouses with epoxy glue, a socket, a washer, a small plastic cup, soil, and a plant or seed. Note that cutting open a bulb requires some skill, so don’t make this a project for your kids. And if that’s too difficult, try the ghetto version out of an old soda bottle.

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Wow, I sure need to try this some time!  People are really creative these days.  I’ve never seen an actual Light Bulb Greenhouse before.  Looks easy to make it, but it actually takes skills to cut open a light bulb!

wow thats hot

This looks interesting, I would love to give it a try however, I won’t ever have enough patience for it. How does it get water, is there a hole in the bottom so the roots can come out and go into the soil?

This reminds me of the Eco globe thing from Brookstone. Except waaaaaaayyy cheaper.

That reminds me of Thomas edison, doing experiment with his bulb. Only this time its leaves instead tungsten. Great change of things in recent past , People are getting great ideas. LOL,

Wow that looks great.i’ll certainly try that in my home.Thanks.

Interesting idea, but isn’t it obvious that the plant will die within few days? I mean there will be no more carbon dioxide or oxygen in order to do the photosynthesis process.

Also another idea to make it more attractive, you could put some leds inside the soil and connect it to a power source (may be batteries), it will be amazing.

Now, he should make several hundred more, design an intricate watering tube system and line his back yard all over the place with them.

this is cool look bulb design

Great idea, saving the planet while growing flowers to help the planet.  Your doing two big things for the planet by doing a small project. I actually think I’m going to try to make this and see how it works. Keep going green!

Thanks for posting this. I am going to try this mini-greenhouses.

Fluorescent light bulbs last 10% longer than Incandescent light bulbs!

Wow, I just dont have the skills to be able to do this—I wish I did!  Sort of neat how you can use something that was contributing to the greenhouse gases and global warming (through the electricity companies) into a greenhouse—that is putting it to really good use!

a greenhouse out of a light bulb, thats different however they are recycling which is good for the environment and plants are good for the environment.

the one thing that confuses me- dont plants need fresh air?
my nephew had something like this and it had no holes or anything on it-
but i thought they need a steady supply of c02 in addition to water and sun…

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