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Tuesday May 27, 2008 1:51 pm

Direct Design Notebook Portable Grill

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Notebook GrillGrill folded

Every year we get the urge to find the most awesome barbecues for the summer cooking of the beasts, and Direct Design’s Notebook Portable Grill is our first entry. At a size of 18 x 14 x 12-inches and a weight of about 8 lbs., the grill has a 192 sq. inch surface and a stainless steel grate with a waterproof surface. When it is not cooking up your dinner, you can pack it flat to go. No frills, no plug-in USB, this is a simple design that does what it is supposed to. The barbecue comes with a one-year warranty at a price of $48.00.  If laptops continue to get smaller and thinner, we were thinking this would make a nifty carrier/desk top if cooking is too much of a challenge.


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Its a good idea, but id prefer those £1.00 BBQs you throw away once done. Mmmmm, I think I may get one today.

There’s no fan to cool down our laptops when needed ? then it’s useless for me.

i smell some good steaks, shrimp and more one the road

Huge barbeques are the way to go, nothing like cooking up enough steaks to feed an army.  A steak eating army.  Of one.

My inlaws just got me and my wife a huge grill on wheels. Works great, but it takes up so much space, it is like having another car.

Well, if you had a small family and was only grilling for a small group, this would be the perfect grill!  Relatively inexpensive, and easy to store when you are not using it!  However for real parties, you would still need to pull out the bigger grills, or use multiple of these…

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