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Wednesday May 14, 2008 3:14 pm

Designer American Soda Machine

Star Wars Soda MachineIf you can afford your own home theater system or business, America Soda Machine will customize a vending machine for you. Use your logo, or ask them to put on your fave team, car, movie, or activity. They also have vintage ones for those who dig retro. With several makes and models, the reconditioned machines can be configured to work with cans or bottles, and you can charge for the privilege to help pay for its $2,495.00 plus shipping price tag.

(Thanks, Damon)

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I wouldn’t invest so much money on this.  wink

By the time i’ll invest or buy a home theatre system ,i’ll be cash straped.Why are these things priced so highly,its not like it has some space technology in it.
star wars logo doesn’t count.

If I were a rich man I would take this into consideration…since I’m not , I’ll have to keep drinking my soda from a generic Coke machine.

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