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Tuesday May 27, 2008 2:34 pm

Will Color-Calibration Targets Prove Life on Mars?

PhoenixColor-Calibration Targets

We are pretty sure by now that everyone is aware of NASA’s Phoenix landing on Mars, but after looking at some early shots, we were amazed by the color. It seems that color-calibration targets, about the size of hockey pucks, have chips on them to determine exact hue that were designed by a University of Central Florida Physics and Astronomy Professor Dan Britt and two students. They also contain magnets that brush off excess dust. With those true colors revealed, researchers say they can help find out what makes up the terrain on the planet. We anxiously await the result that yes, there might have been someone up there at some time as evidenced by the possibility of water/ice.


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I doubt there is life on Mars, its a shame this new universe light, light, light years away is too far away, otherwise I am sure that is promising.

I also doubt there’s life on Mars.

Genius way of properly calibrating the camera gear.

I’d say it’s nearly impossible for there to be life on Mars now, but there may have been in the past.

I love astronomy. I built my own dobsonian telescope about 20 years ago and its still in use.
This is a brilliant way to assure good color. Way to go nasa

Ahh this is brilliant!  NASA is really on the ball when it comes to recent Mars missions.  My guess is we will find that there was water on mars, and so the next step will be looking for other organic compounds in the next mars lander or rover!

genious! so they have the predetermined colors, and when they have the lander on mars they calibrate the color settings so that it views the chips at the right colors- do i have the general idea?
im not quite sure how color would help them out but at least they would have a little more accurate pictures than last time

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