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Tuesday July 8, 2008 2:29 pm

Canadian Apple Stores won’t be selling iPhone 3G!

iPhone 3G

So, remember that story we posted yesterday about Canada’s Rogers Wireless ripping off iPhone 3G customers? Well, apparently, that wasn’t the end of that story. Since yesterday, we have found out that has decided to reroute some of the iPhone 3G units that were meant for Canada, and they are instead sending them to Europe. Now, just a few minutes ago, the news broke that Apple Stores up in Canada will not be carrying the as planned. This decision is obviously a direct response to the ridiculous prices ($60 per month for 150 minutes of talk time) that Rogers Wireless has decided to place on the iPhone 3G plans. This is getting juicy!

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Forum Discussion

Maybe because to many people were complaining I am guessing. I bet people in Canada are’nt to happy right now. Or at least the ones that were really wanting to get one anyways. So I wonder will they ever sell it in canada?

I think its more about the provider screwing the iPhone customers than anything else.

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Next thing to happen. iPhone taken from all Rogers stores and sold in the USA under AT&T;‘s new Canadian Cell Phone Plan!

I bet Canada is not happy about this and I think that they should sell it for the same price as they are selling it here in the USA. They probably arent going to for the fact of people complaining, that would be my guess.

i think your mistaken. The complaining has gotten apple to not sell the phone in Canada because they want Rogers to make better prices not because they are attacking the customers.

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