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Monday June 9, 2008 1:02 pm

Audi GSM Phone

Audi/BMW PhoneMarlboro Phone

Now that there are so many phones to choose from, companies are starting to get creative. This Audi GSM phone has a touchscreen 2.0-inch touchscreen with a 260,000 color display. It also features a 1.3mp cam, Bluetooth capability, holds 1GB of memory, and supports MP3s and MP4s. While we were checking this one out, we also found that you can not only get a phone in the shape of a BMW, you can also get a cellie in the shape of a box of Marlboro for your smoking buds. Each of them will set you back $160.00.


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It had made this phones with little bit less features, I think 1.3 mega pixel is really a small feature that it has.But when we consider the features $160.00 is a reasonable cost..
But who would like to buy these phones when considering design, i din’t like the design,
While designing, they night have kept in mind to design these for belo 18 children.

The Audi GSM Phone looks interesting and must be a cool cell phone for a kid to have!  I don’t like how it’s shaped like a car though because if I put it in my pocket it would feel uncomfortable.  For the price these phones are going for, they’re not really worth it.  You can easily get a better phone with better features.  Instead of buying phones based on design, I think it’s better to buy them based on the features and whether or not the phone accomplishes all the tasks I would want to perform on it.  This phone doesn’t really look promising, it’s just the design that looks eye catching, and that is the reason why anyone would really buy this cell phone.  This cell phone would make a great gift for teens though!

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