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Friday April 11, 2008 3:41 pm

Amazon TextBuyIt Available

TextButItAmazon has a new service that allows shopping via cell phone, just in case you are having a shopping fix moment and can’t wait to get home or the nearest mall. TextBuyIt is fairly simple. Type in a keyword to 262966 (AMAZON) and they will send you a list of matches. Choose and select the appropriate number. Get more search results by using “m” for a total of 8 selections, “xd” for details, “h” for help, and “x” to purchase. After ordering, they will call you back so you can confirm or cancel. We like using Amazon and even though we doubt that we would use it on the fly, it may be the shape of things to come when computers and cell phones eventually become one.

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Is it available to every countries or only in the Amazon’s USA dept ?

We are starting to see the cell phone and computer merge even more, but I don’t think this specifically will be the future.  Yes, we will be able to buy things on the go in the future, but I imagine a world with WiFi mesh and cheap data plans where people just use a full-featured browser like on the iPhone to go to the Amazon site and purchase something

I can’t imagine the amount of typing you would need to do to login, verify, and purchase an item from Amazon using your cell phone.  It would simply take a lot of work.  I would rather do it on a mini-computer or a laptop!  Those with PDAs would probably have an easier time using this service because of their keyboard format.  I was worried about the security at first but this is very secure so you don’t need to worry about any information being stolen.  Even if someone steals your cell phone they won’t be able to purchase anything without verifying your password/username/code.

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