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Friday April 25, 2008 2:48 pm

Amazon Opens Grocery Department

Shower ScrubberHow spooky is this? Amazon has become an Internet Costco, offering food through Amazon Grocery and is offering instant rebates to boot. Imagine saving up to 50% on Hersey’s Chocolate, up to 25% on Ragu and Bertolli Microwavable Pouches, and 50% off Bentley’s Tea. Sign up for their Subscribe & Save Service and save an extra 15% off their regular price, free shipping and automated reordering.

We were notified by the site by e-mail because we recently bought on of those kewl Automatic Shower Cleaners with a gift certificate someone had given us. We got the $30.00 to $40.00 item for about $22.00. If this is some indication of the future of home and garden products that will not only save us money but gas as well, we are all for it.

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Right now you can buy a lot of dry food items, but as far as cold items that need to be refrigerated, or fresh fruit and such, you can only get it delivered if you are in Seattle.  I am hoping that they acquire a solid distribution network or team up with a major grocery store to expand their reach to the entire United States, but I am not sure how ambitious their plans are right now…

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