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Friday June 6, 2008 12:10 pm

Amazon is down. What?

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Internet

Amazon.com down

Don’t look now (well, you can if you want,) but the biggest online retailer in the universe, , is currently down. Apparently, they’ve been gone for about an hour and a half at this point. Visiting the site results in the cryptic “Http/1.1 Service Unavailable” message. That’s never good. We actually had something we wanted to purchase with overnight shipping, and if they don’t make it back online, it looks like we will be out of luck. Oh well, I guess we can use competing sites. Don’t forget, in your time of need, you can always use a Newegg promo code to save some cash. Especially while Amazon is having trouble.

Did you know that for every minute of downtime suffered, Amazon is losing out on roughly $31,000.00 USD in sales?

EDIT: Okay, looks like they’re back.

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no i came here a few seconds after he posted it, but by that time it was already up
idk, i just wanted to see such a big site go down for a little while :\

no i came here a few seconds after he posted it, but by that time it was already up
idk, i just wanted to see such a big site go down for a little while :\

Ok i understood you sharky,
i also wanted to see a great website in the world go down , atleast once, i experienced it with tinypic when it was hacked once, and now i think andru was only person in our forum who watched it.

lol i think he jinxed it
i wanted to see amazon down! XD
oh well, yeah it looks like it went online right as soon as soon as you posted the topic

I think you missed it by a few fractions of time, u must have checked it when andru posted this thread,
But i have a question for you, do you want to see it permanently closed or for a little time. question

lol i think he jinxed it
i wanted to see amazon down! XD
oh well, yeah it looks like it went online right as soon as soon as you posted the topic

Andru , amazon is opening now, i think its active, and thank your for the promo code you have given.

Wow, I have never heard of Amazon.com having “downtime” but hey, it’s a website too. Does anyone know why it was down? I saw this on the Gear Live website and was curious to know that and I hope not too many people around the world were going crazy that Amazon.com was “offline.”

No’ asked a few people but no one seems to know why Yet’- ‘don’t think it was the data center fire from about a week ago

How do they calculate how much money they lose per minute?  Wouldn’t they have to take into account that some people are going to just wait until later to make their purchases?  Unless people were really impatient when they went to buy something, or like in your case they needed something the next day, I don’t see how they would lose that much in sales.  If I were a website like that, I would have multiple backup servers so that I could immediately switch over should something go haywire.  I am sure they have backup systems I just don’t know how extensive they are.

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hm, well it seems to be working fine for me. maybe it just depends where you are trying to access it from?

Andru , from about 1200 to 2:15 I couldn’t get several sites to load right either.  This one included, keep getting server not recognized. I thought it was all the action this site is seeing.

Its working perfectly fine for me.
I confirmed on the nytimes ,it was down for some time,but fortunately the Amazon’s S3 was ok,if that were to be affected seriously ,them more mayhem would have ensued.

The site is working fine for me now.  I was having some problems earlier—trying to buy an armband for my Zune for when I work out—but I just decided to wait, so no worries Amazon you didnt lose my sale!

Whoa, that is a lot of money for a single minute. Holy cow, that is a crazy statistic. What makes them lose so much? Is it because people go somewhere else to buy the product or is it because people are constantly on Amazon buying and buying stuff?

Wow they are gonna lose out on some money.

Ugh, when one of the ‘big’ boys goes down, get ready for heads to roll in IT. Wonder if they pushed out something new and didn’t test it in the lab fully or if their provider dropped the ball.

so i guess no one has found out why it happened yet?
i dont think that datacenter fire is effecting any sites now right?

Wow. 31000 a minute! Now thats a lot of bank.
I hope they can get back into the black. I’m sure they’ll be fine.

Wow, $31,000 a minute!  Imagine if Amazon’s host screwed up and restored an old backup and reversed everything on there.  Just like the host that did that to GearLive.  That would really impact a lot of people and Amazon would loose a lot of credibility.  But being a big business Amazon must have a lot of reliable servers and have very experienced and expert employees maintaining their server.  Besides Amazon, I like to purchase electronic products from Buy.com too.

Man, as you can see every website can go down. There is no 100% uptime. Ofcourse websites like amazon have huge datacenters and replicated over seevral server farms, just in case this happens.

@(the 2nd person who replied to this topic, I can’t see his name, looks like a bug), anyway, as you said, yesterday night, gear live was verrrrrry slow and also many other website. It sounds that Amazon wasn’t only down, there was many websites.

Most likely the internet was doomed at this time :D !

i agree that they will lose money. but how do they lose 31,000 is such a short amount of time? it was only down for how long?

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