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Friday March 12, 2010 6:36 pm

SxSW 2010: Austin is now the Thunderdome

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The rumor at is that attendance for Interactive badges is up by 40% from last year, which is pretty amazing when you consider that the 2009 attendance was 10,741. So the amount of people decending on Austin, TX to see the next Twitter or Foursquare make an appearance is around 15,000. It’s crazy to think that Foursquare just debuted last year and now it is the most talked about product so far at this year’s event (granted, things are just getting started.) Speaking of Foursquare, we’ll be covering their SXSW news, as well as that of what we consider to be their main competitor, Gowalla, in the next few days.

SXSW 2010 badges

It also looks like some of the big names we’ve seen in the past are back in 2010 to take part in the festivities. I saw that Pepsi, Microsoft and Aol were still building their booths this morning.

Braden Young is covering SxSW 2010 for Gear Live. You can follow him on Twitter at @bradeny. Hit him with a tweet if there are any events or sessions you’d like him to hit up and cover!

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SXSW is South by Southwest, and it is a three-in-one event/festival. There is a music festival, film festival, and “interactive” festival that all overlap. Tens of thousands of people attend. The Interactive festival is basically a technology/Internet/software/social media event. We will have much more from the event, so hopefully you’ll get a better understanding of it wink

True the picture is definitely from Burning man. smile Come on Ginpy, let him use the picture.

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