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Wednesday February 27, 2008 4:44 pm

iPhone SDK Apple Event on March 6

iPhone SDK

Amidst all the excitement about the new announcements yesterday (Penryn Macbooks and MacBook Pros, plus iPhone 1.1.4 firmware), many were left wondering just where the heck the promised had gone. After all, we’d been promised by Steve Jobs himself that it would appear in late February. As it turns out, Apple will be holding another of their Town Hall-type events on March 6, which will specifically deal with both the iPhone SDK as well as “some exciting new enterprise features.” On the invitation itself, you see a Software Update sign, an SDK sign, and an Enterprise sign. Yeah, fairly vague, we know. Still, it is a promising sign. Now we just wait for March 6.

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this may sound stupid but what is suppose to happen March 6th?

As silly as this sounds…I am guessing it is an announcement that an announcement is coming…

wow i feel like an idiot. i see now that i re-read it.

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