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Wednesday March 28, 2007 1:30 pm

RoboForm2Go: Your Passwords in Your Pocket

Posted by Sparky Categories: Accessories, USB, PC / Laptop, Software

RoboForm2GoWith so many web sites, applications, and services out there on the internet requiring passwords, we are required to remember a dizzying array of usernames and passwords to live our digital life. Browsers and email clients usually have features to remember these passwords for us, but that solution falls short if you use multiple computers, or particularly if your primary internet access comes from public web terminals. Luckily, RoboForm2Go has introduced a portable and secure password management solution in the form of a USB key.

The RoboForm2Go software can be bought separately or pre-loaded onto a USB flash drive. The software requires no install, and can work on any Windows computer with a USB port. The RoboForm2Go software automatically stores your usernames, passwords, and other information for you on the USB thumb drive encrypted with AES 128bit encryption to keep your login information safe should you use the drive. The RoboForm2Go software will also automatically generate random passwords for each new website you visit to help increase security, and will remember your credit card information to make shopping online a breeze.

We took the RoboForm2Go for a spin and found it quite easy to use. While no installation is necessary you are able to install a browser plugin on any computers that you use frequently. The browser plugin completely automates website logins and makes browsing the web a breeze. Initially we had a few problems getting the browser plugin installed in IE7 under Vista, but in the past couple of weeks an update was released that makes it work smoothly on any Windows computer. The software is easy to update and the company has demonstrated their willingness to continue to develop the RoboForm2Go so even more features could be in the works.

RoboForm2Go ReviewAll in all the RoboForm2Go is a great solution if you use multiple computers day to day and need a secure way to manage your passwords. If you only have a single computer there are cheaper solutions out there that are just as effective, but the RoboForm2Go takes the cake for simple, portable, and secure.


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