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Friday May 11, 2007 6:00 pm

Live Video Broadcast of GamerAndy Live! Episode 80 Starting Now

GamerAndy Live!Hey guys, we are starting our first live video broadcast for your viewing pleasure. GamerAndy, GamerEdie, and Andru Edwards are all currently sitting in the same room for the first time, ready to hit you with the latest news and opinions from the video game world. Join us now, live, on Ustream.

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Forum Discussion

Where is the ustream page at, can I get a link?

Great show. You guys really need to do more like it. Now, I'm just waiting to see what you guys put up tomorrow, after the whole event has happened and everything is said and done.


Dammit! I missed it! I didn't even know you guys went back live. Now is it live video or is still just internet radio stuff? Also is there some sort of IRC chat channel for it and, if so what server and channel is it? Sorry if I may seem a little out of the loop here, but I would like to just know.

It was live video, and there was a chat. However, I don't think this will be the norm (unfortunately.. 8-/).

I prefer it being a once-in-a-while thing, personaly. I can't always be at a computer to watch/listen to the show when it's live and I end up feeling like I missed something.

Yeah me too, just a question, for those who did miss it will there be a download recording?

[quote author="Hunterchief" date="1178959735"]Yeah me too, just a question, for those who did miss it will there be a download recording?[/quote] There will be, so I've heard. The downloadable one will be of better quality and with multiple camera angles. I ended up missing the first 80-90% of the show, so this is a must-get for me. =P

I missed it also. :down: I had to defrost my truck today, and got all caught up in cleening it out. How well did the show go? where there any major hick ups, or was it pretty smooth?

Uhm it was basically a bunch of banter with some gaming talk thrown in but it was some funny conversation.

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