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Wednesday February 14, 2007 10:37 pm

CONFIRMED?: Xbox 360 Limited Edition Black Box Art, HDMI Built-in

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Xbox 360 Black

We have been hearing about the possibility of a black Xbox 360 since before the console launched back in 2005. The early development kits were black, so it didn’t seem too far-fetched an idea. Here we are, over a year later, and we now have had two internal sources send us the above image of the supposed Xbox 360 Limited Edition Black. The first one was confidential and featured the entire box art and folding instructions, the second was just the image above, which matches the first image we got. On the side, it lists that this model specs out with three USB 2.0 ports as well as an HDMI port. The hard drive size isn’t listed on the box, so we can’t confirm any hard drive size increases. Other than that, if our sources are to be believed, this looks to be the real deal.

EDIT: For all the people saying it’s a Photoshop job…well, yeah. We are pretty sure that companies like Microsoft use programs like Photoshop to create their box art. The fact that such software is used isn’t enough reason - on it’s own - to discredit it the image.

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How about the fact that we remain professional when we DON’T upload something that someone gives us and SPECIFICALLY asks us not to upload? Seems it would be more of an amateur move to just go ahead and publish, and thusly break our word.


Not sure I understand what you mean by previous record of the internal sources, but these are the facts:

1) Yes, I got that specific image from two unrelated, internal Microsoft employees, who work in Xbox Studios. I live in Seattle, and if you are out here, pretty much 1/4 of the people you know work at Microsoft.

2) One of the two documents I got was VERY detailed…but they asked me not to post it. I honor that, so I didn’t. The second one I got, the image above, matched PART of the first document I got, and that is when I decided to run the story.

That being said, why is there a question mark? Because, until it’s publicly announced by Microsoft, there is no way I can say it is 100% confirmed. That would also be an amateur move. Instead, I am allowing you to judge for yourself.

I’m still holding out for the blue Xbox 360.

Come on Microsoft, you know there’s demand for it!

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