On Gear Live: iOS 10 will be released on September 14th

Monday March 26, 2007 10:02 pm

Archos Intros Latest Multimedia Player, Archos 704 WiFi

Archos 704 WiFi

You’ve gotta love Archos. For years their innovative multimedia players have played second fiddle to anything Apple releases—yet they continue to push the envelope. Case in point: the Archos 704 WiFi, which seems to do it ALL. Watch (or stream) video. Play music. View photos. Record and watch TV shows or movies (we loved this feature in a previous Archos player we owned). Plus, you can surf the web, thanks to the device’s 802.11g WiFi connection. Oh, and did we mention the 7” touch screen? Battery life is impressive too, with 25 hours for music playback and 5.5 hours for video. iPod, the gauntlet has been thrown down! Currently available for $550 USD by preorder, with a ship date of March 22.

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