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Thursday March 24, 2005 5:21 pm

PSP Problems - Dead Pixels

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Handhelds, Video Games

PSP deal pixel I got my shiny new PSP today at Gamestop. There I was, all psyched up and ready to roll. I was prepared to experience the joy that comes will all things new and electronic - and BAM! Three dead pixels on the right hand side. Many have reported that this is a problem with their PSP’s. This is most likely due to the fact that Sony ramped up production to get a million units ready for the US launch. I just returned from my local Gamestop, and unfortunately they have no PSP’s in stock (surprise!), and they don’t know when they will receive more. I did manage to get them to agree to call me as soon as they get one for exchange. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

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I got a couple dead pixels, but only one is in an annoying spot. I am sure I will not even notice it after the “new” wears off. I am just going to roll with mine “as-is”

Damn i hope mine doenst come with dead pixels.

Pixels are the very small blocks of light that make up the screen. A “dead pixel” is a dark spot in the screen.

In simple terms, imagine a wall full of light bulbs… and one is burned out.

LOL! They must be using those good quality Sharp LCD screens!

It is virtually impossible to create an LCD screen with no dead pixels. It is just an unfortunate side effect of the process of making these screens. The goal is to make these defects as minimal as possible.

YA, when you’re trying to pump out as many LCD’s as sony is, I’m sure the production environment isn’t perfectly pure, which is what it needs to be for no dead pixels.  my friend bought two fo them, one had a couple dead pixels, the other one didn’t. guess which one he’s sending back :D

sony said they will allow for people to get new ones through them

I had two green dead pixel on my first psp, returned and replaced, now It works w/o problems

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