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Tuesday June 13, 2006 7:39 pm

Gear Live Podcast 019: The Horrors of Cancelling AOL

AOLOkay, hold on. Over a year ago, we reported that AOL would make it easier for customers looking to cancel their accounts. Apparently, someone didn’t get that memo. Vinny over at Insignificant Thoughts made the decision to cancel his AOL account, figuring that $14.95 per month could be spent in a much more beneficial way than giving it to AOL. He recorded his conversation with “John at AOL” and has made it available for all to hear. Truth be told, we got upset just listening to the atrocious service that Vinny received. Be sure to download the clip below to hear for yourself.

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Voices: Andru Edwards, Vinny of Insignificant Thoughts
Length: 05:58, 2.87 MB

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Forum Discussion

Just updated with a link

oh my god what a douchebag, i hope vinny got the guys service code and reported him. if that was me i would have been swearing at that douchebag non-stop.

that was pretty bad... the sad thing is i've gone through almost the same thing cancelling aol. just never had anybody that bad

Oh my gawd... I can't believe that. If that were me on the other end I probably would have told that AOL guy off. That is so incredibly annoying. Credit Card companies can be almost as bad when cancelling protection insurance. Great recording!

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