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Thursday May 26, 2005 2:00 pm

PlusDeck 2 PC Cassette Deck

Posted by Edwin Soto Categories: Music, PC / Laptop, Peripherals

PlusDeck 2

I certainly thought I’d never see this.  We thought we were going forward with audio as a standard.  However, maybe you don’t want to buy Def Leppard or White Snake CD’s because you already have the tape.  Maybe you don’t want to find them on your favorite online music store. Instead, pop in this baby into an empty 5.25” bay and just sit back and carefully watch your DVD/CD-ROM drive get upset as you kick it where the sun don’t shine.  We can’t wait to whip out our Ace of Base tape and begin MP3 conversion.  Sweet retro gods will bless you if you buy it.  Mac users get spared, for now.

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WOW! people still have tapes? I’ve never even owned a vcr!  I have an old home theatre that has a combo 3cd and tape deck. the tape deck was used for about 2 months. It hasnt worked for about 4 years now. the CD player works beautifully!

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