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Friday September 22, 2006 4:01 pm

Playstation 3 to Emulate SEGA and TurboGrafx

Sega TurboGrafx

The Playstation 3’s price cut isn’t the only new information coming out of the Tokyo Game Show from Sony.  It is well known that the PS3 will support some backwards compatibility with PSOne and PS2 games, but now it has been announced that the PS3 will also be able to play Sega Genesis and TurboGrafx games.  The games are likely going to be media downloads, but it may be possible that CD’s or DVD’s will become available including packages of games.  Man it’d be cool to play the Sonics all over again! I wonder if 32X, SegaCD, Saturn and Dreamcast games will be added to the list.

I think Nintendo should be a little more hush-hush with their ideas in the future. They announced their motion sensitive controller, so Sony updated theirs to incorporate motion sensitivity.  The Wii was announced to play older Nintendo games, and Sony again follows suit with old Sega and TurboGrafx games.  Microsoft even jumped on this wagon by starting to offer old arcade games for download on XBOX Live. Being a Genesis and even Master System fan, I am extremely excited about this news, but a little upset that it took an idea from Nintendo to get Sony to add this functionality.

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Actually, Microsoft didn’t jump onto any wagon by offering old arcade games. Xbox Live arcade was done on the original Xbox as a test of its viability. This was done years before Nintendo even decided to add its virtual console to its then-unnamed Wii. Microsoft then decided to fully integrate this idea into its next console, making it more widely available. Obviously, this was the right course of action. The only company here copying anything is Sony.

cool. I’m looking forward to playing Splatterhouse and bonks adventure again (turbografx16) lol. In fact, I may even still have those cards around somewhere heheh.

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