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Thursday February 24, 2005 8:49 pm

Pizza Ordering Built In to EverQuest II

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Video Games

DescriptionMan, if this is what they mean when they say that 2005 is the year of convergence, then I am all for it. Sony has built a command into EverQuest II that allows the gamer to order pizza in the midst of the game. While playing, one just simply needs to type “/pizza”, and an order form will pop up allowing you to put in your address and order. You then continue playing, and Pizza Hut shows up at your door with all that cheesy goodness. If you thought the people that never tore themselves away from the first EverQuest were bad, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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/social life


this will be the next big reason for why america is so fat.

“this is a low point in soceity. whats next, /colostomy bag?”

...that reminds me, time to change that thing…lol

That is just crazy. Cool in a wierd way but crazy. That one guy that paid real money for that island was bad enough lol. And if the pizzas look anything like that picture, I don’t want one lol.

so im the only one who thinks its brilliant then?

that is retarded. Heres another command for you.


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