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Tuesday March 29, 2005 3:54 pm

PearPC Taking Donations to Sue CherryOS

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Corporate News, Software

CherryOSSo this program called PearPC allows you to run Mac OS X on your Windows-based computer (or Microsoft Xbox). People complained of the agonizing slowness of the platform, and CherryOS announced that they planned on doing it the right way. Well, CherryOS came out, and it was also slow. Upon further inspection, it turns out that CherryOS basically stole a bunch of code straight out of PearPC to build their own software. We should have known something was up when they also named their product after a fruit. Nonetheless, PearPC is now asking for monetary help in suing the CherryOS people. If you care, go ahead and show a little support.

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We in the business call it a trademark and patent infringement.  Unless neither was entrusted, the lawyers cant do squat!

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