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Monday February 21, 2005 3:00 pm

Paris Hilton’s Sidekick Hacked (Again)

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Cell Phones, Misc. Tech

DescriptionWell, maybe it isn’t really much of a hack since all it takes is for Paris to leave her mobile device laying around. Nonetheless, this is a great find. Why? You get to see all the pictures Paris takes using her Sidekick, which includes girl-on-girl action. You get to see the kind of notes she leaves to herself, which reveals that she even had unprotected sex once (gasp!), as she needed to remind herself to get a “birth control kill pill”. Oh, and you also get a peek at her entire address/phone book - and she has quite a few you might know of. Ashlee Simpson, David Lechapelle, Ashley Olsen (where’s Mary Kate?), Christina Aguilera, Vin Diesel…or you can see the email addresses of people like Usher. I, for one, am still waiting for a call back from Lil Jon. Careful with the link, as some content may not be appropriate for minors - or for work.

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dont see the big deal but calling celeb’s. they’re just normal ppl like us except richer. calling the wont let u gain anythin :/

Yeah I think its pretty lame to call Lil’ John and just be like, “YEAAAAH!!!”  Although I was tempted.  I think its great that every picture is of her.  She is the most vain person in the world.

LOL! nudateeh disclaimah!

Anyhoo, I wish I had a girl this stupid! Mom and dad…who am I kidding…Dad must make a #### load of dough with the Hilton hotels for her to be this explicit and skanky.

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