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Tuesday February 21, 2006 1:33 am

OSx86 Forums Back Online

Posted by Frank Bisono Categories: Apple, Internet, Misc. Tech

osx86 forumsIn a follow-up to a story we posted last week, the folks over at OSx86 Project are back online and the forums have been restored.  It seems that Apple was primarily concerned with just a few posts that had some links pointing to some warez that the Apple Legal Department didn’t take to kindly to.  In the end it seems things were settled amicably and nobody’s feelings, animals or children were hurt in the process. 

Apple doesn’t “have it in” for our site; they were simply concerned with a few links posted by our members. Those links have been removed and we’re back.

You can read the full story as well as OSx86’s point of view on how news of this event was misreported by the media, at their site.  Welcome back OSx86!

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