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Monday January 3, 2005 4:16 pm

Online Donations Total Over $350 million For Relief Effort

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The death toll for the tsunami in Asia reached over 150,000 this weekend, with over a third of those deaths being children. As reported earlier in our article on HelpDisasterVictims.com, the internet community has reached out to those in need, and it is reported that over $350 million has been donated by internet users and corporations alike. This CNET article discusses several of the donations being made by corporations, such as the Microsoft Corp donating $3.5 million, and the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation announcing a $3 million donation. Amazon and Google have both made it easier for their users to donate to the Red Cross and other organizations. eBay, MSN and Yahoo have also posted links to organizations. If you would still like to donate to help those in need, check out some of those sites or read more below.

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