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Wednesday June 23, 2004 7:57 am

One Giant Leap For Common Man

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Misc. Tech

SpaceShipOne FlightSpaceShipOne flew into orbit, and thus into the history books as the first non-government funded craft to enter zero-gravity space. Mike Melvill piloted SpaceShipOne, mentioning that it was "a hell of a view", as well as "a religious experience". After landing at the Mojave airport, Melville and SpaceShipOne were greeted with cheers and questions about the $10 Million "X Prize".

The X Prize will be awarded to the first non-commercial craft which flies into orbit twice within a two week period with at least one live person, and the weight of at least three average people in the cabin. Obviously, this may mark the beginning of a new millenium space race. Get ready to go where no common man, other than Mike Melvill, has gone before.

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Personatly I think this was awesome.  I remember reading this one some other
site when it happened, and thinking to myself “how cool would that be!?”  I mean imagine being able to see such a view without having to go through the expensive AND selective career of being an astronaut.  Very cool indeed.

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