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Wednesday August 3, 2005 3:56 am

Obtrusive AIM Triton Ads

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Internet, Software

AIM Tritan Ads

Hey AOL, what are you thinking? I guess we should have known that when we saw AOL was working on putting some nice features into the next version of its Instant Messenger software, Triton, that it would mean even more annoying advertising in the product. I mean, take a look at the above - the ad is directly in the text chat area. Tabbed chatting isn’t worth this, AOL. This is why you continue to become obsolete on the Internet.

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Isn’t the name “Triton” not “Tritan”?
And yes I find Triton disgusting. Although it has some nice features, manily from the guy who created DeadAIM, its a disgusting piece of bloatware. Either way people have tried and e-mailed the people behind Triton and there seems to be no chance of getting the software to be better. I mean who really needs a IMing program that is “High End”?, I’ll tell ya who doesn’t, me.

The creator of Messenger:Mate said something that really struck me as brilliant. If AIM Triton brags about their great plug in support then why not make things like Talking, Video Chat, Radio , and such available in plug-ins. That’ll save the rest of our computers from running this piece of crap they call the new AIM.

I hope the add on programs like Messenger:Mate and DeadAIM remove these ads…

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