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Wednesday June 22, 2005 11:18 pm

Nyko iPod Movie Player To Hit Stores In November

Nyko iPod Movie Player

Ever since the iPod was released, companies from all over have come out with various gadgets to further enhance Apple’s top selling portable music player.  Nyko has come up with a device to help turn your iPod into a movie player.  That’s right, come November you’ll be able to fill up your iPod with as many movies as you can, then watch them on the go with the Nyko Movie Player.  The player is expected to retail anywhere between $200-$250 and will feature a 3.6” high resolution screen, 2 headphone ports, a video-out port allowing you to view your movies on any TV, and a video-in port giving you the ability to record directly from your television. As you can see, the iPod plug right into a slot beneath the control panel.

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yeah it does look pretty damn cool. And how cool would it be to carry around 20+ gigs of movies.

But I agree with falcoboy7…and have a feeling apple will release an updated ipod (firmware maybe?) that will play movies. Though this would still be cool because of the larger screen size and such.

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