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Thursday August 2, 2012 4:12 pm

NYC taxi driver returns over $13,000 in lost gadgets to forgetful owner

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Misc. Tech, Transportation

Casey Neistat $13,238.86 left in taxi

Have you ever left anything in a cab? We know plenty who've lost iPhone and Android devices, tablets, laptops, and other expensive gadgetry, but Casey Neistat accidentally left over $13,000 in expensive technology in his taxi. After going through the frustrating process of filing reports with the taxi company, making calls, and getting a police report filed, he wondered if he'd get his stuff back at all. Seriously, how likely is it that you leave something expensive in a taxi and expect to get it back? Normally the item is found by another passenger, or the taxi driver himself, and then disappears for good. Not this time.


Mohammed, the driver who picked up Casey from JFK the night he lost his bags, made sure to turn them in. Casey got his bags back, and called Mohammed so that he could thank him in person, and give him a $500 cash reward. “I gave him $500. It's a lot more than I could afford, but a lot less than he deserved.”

Check out the short video documentary that Casey put together on the experience above.


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