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Sunday April 24, 2005 2:30 pm

Nopir.B Virus Deletes Your MP3 Files

Posted by Jesse Easley Categories: Internet, PC / Laptop

Nopir.B Virus For everyone who uses P2P to download files be on the lookout.  According to antivirus company Sophos, a hacker has created a virus that will wipe your music collection clean if you happen to catch it. The virus, named Nopir.B, is designed to look like a DVD cracking program to bypass disc copyright protection. When the program is launches, it searches your hard drive for MP3 files along with select programs and removes them from your PC.

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unfortunately for the dumbass that made the virus, I have all of my mp3’s backed up on 2 dvd+r9’s.  However, the games used on my system use mp3 files, so if my games dont have sound, i’d know i got hit.

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