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Friday March 31, 2006 1:44 am

Newsflash: No One Buys UMD Movies

PSP UMDIt’s a shock, we know. As it turns out, those Hollywood movie releases that have been released on UMD over the past year or so? It seems no one is interested in buying them. While we are not sure if this is a surprise to anyone buy Sony, it just makes sense to us that the media would sell poorly. I mean, why would I buy a movie that I can only play on one dedicated device - especially when that device isn’t my television? If Sony was smart about the whole idea, they would have done a bit more planning. If I buy Spider-Man: The Movie, I want the game in there as well. Or vice versa. Otherwise, I am buying the DVD and ripping it to my Memory Stick. Anyways, expect to see Wal-Mart drop shelf space for UMDs altogether very soon. Even better, know that Universal and Paramount Pictures have already stopped UMD production.

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Combining the moves with games would be cool and probably do well it not too much more expensive…but the main reason I never wanted a UMD movie was the damn price. If they were under $10 from the start they probably would have done a lot better.

I figured the end of UMD movies was coming soon—$25-30 for a movie when you can buy the DVD for $10.  Anyone want to take bets on how long until Universals venture into electronic movie downloads lasts?  You can download movies for only $35 WHAT A STEAL!

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