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Tuesday October 8, 2013 6:32 pm

Nest Protect: A sensor-packed smoke / carbon monoxide detector for $129

Posted by Andru Edwards Categories: Smart Home, Videos

Nest Protect

Nest, makers of the massively popular learning thermostat, is getting into the smoke detector game with Protect. The Nest Protect is a sensor-packed smoke and carbon monoxide detector that aims to remove all the annoyances of the "modern" smoke detector, making it more helpful, more pleasing to use, and ultimately, safer. So, how does Nest aim to reach that goal?

Like the Nest Learning Thermostat, Protect is constantly connected to your Wi-Fi network. This allows you to set the device up with your iOS or Android device, and lets you use the Nest app to check things like battery life and other settings, while also receiving push notifications in the event of any emergencies. Even cooler, Nest devices can talk to each other. So, if the Protect senses a fire, it will let all the others know, and they will speak in a female voice alerting you to smoke detected in a particular room. If it senses a rise in carbon monoxide, it can let your Nest Thermostat know to switch off the heat.

Even when there's no emergency at all, the Nest Protect still aims to make your life more convenient. If it detects smoke, it will alert you, and if there's no emergency, you can simply wave your hand at it to dismiss--no more having to grab a stepladder and a huge desk calendar to wave at it in vain, praying that the fire department doesn't show up to find that you simply burned your french toast. Just a wave, which the Protect sees thanks to a motion sensor. Speaking of which, that sensor also is used to tell if you are home, and communicates that data to the thermostat as well. In our home, our Nest thermostat is on the first floor, but we work out of our second floor home offices. In the winter, Nest will think we aren't home and let things get cold to save energy. With a Protect on the second floor, it could communicate that we are home, and the temperature would be controlled accordingly.

One last feature that we think is worth noting is that the Protect also serves as a night light. When you get up to go to the bathroom in the dark, Protect will sense that motion and will put out a dim glow to light your path. If you're wondering what other tech is packed into this thing, in total the Protect sports:

  • Photoelectric smoke sensor
  • Carbon monoxide sensor
  • Heat sensor
  • Three activity sensors
  • Ambient light sensor
  • Humidity sensor

We're sure that some would argue that $129 for these devices is a bit much--almost $100 more the an typical smoke detector--but Nest fans are also fans of design and ease of use, and if we had to bet, we'd guess that this product will be a hit.

You can pre-order the Nest Protect now, in white or black.

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