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Tuesday February 15, 2005 1:31 pm

Napster To Go Loophole

Napster To GoIt has not been two weeks since the launch of Napster’s To Go service, and already there is a crack that allows you to circumvent the subscription’s copy protection. Armed with a subscription, , and Winamp Plug-in, burning audio CDs from Napster To Go library turns into a feasible task. All you would have to do is download the track from Napster, load it into Winamp, convert to WAV, and burn them using your favorite CD burning software.  We are not advising you do this, just pointing out an incentive to choose Napster instead of iTunes.

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I just downloaded a few songs from iTunes and am running into the same lame copyright problems.  m4p can’t be converted to mp4.  I heard there is a loophole with burning a CD and then ripping it back into mp4.  Does anyone know how to emulate a CD so I don’t have to waste a ton of CDRs burning and ripping?

I dont see why Napster wont let u burn the music you download. Its pretty stupid.

Napster does that just to make money… They allow you to download all you want, but then in order to burn it, it costs you the same as iTunes. There is a work around both that removes the encryption. Don’t want to get into it here, but it is rather easy.

illwon, click on the link and you shall see the instructions wink At your own risk though. The songs are high quality, just like you would expect from any good online music store. The reason why they don’t let you burn audio CD’s is because they offer a subscription plan for buying the music and this one to rent the music. On this one you have to pay the subscription in order to keep listening to the music. Just like renting a movie; instead of buying it for 99 cents and then end up not listening to it later down the line.

Oscar, I’m talking about a workaround that removes the encryption and leaves you with just the mp3s… from there you can burn to a cd, keep them or whatever. Which I still don’t want to get into.
If you want to know what it is PM me.

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