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Friday February 18, 2005 6:19 am

Are Nanobots The Key To Immortality?

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Misc. Tech

DescriptionIt seems that author and scientist Ray Kurzweil believes that human immortality is a mere twenty years away. Rather than chasing the fountain of youth, however, Ray believes that nanobots are the secret ingredient needed to keep a person alive forever - barring a major accident. Nanobots are microscopic robots which are the size of a human blood cell. They swarm through the body repairing brain cells, bones, muscles, and arteries. In fact, Kurzweil believes that you can download programs to these which will then have them compensate for genes that may cause health problems. Sounds odd, I know - until you see that he is an extremely accomplished scientist and inventor.

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cant these bots um be used to kill as well? honestly dont want to live forever

I wouldn’t mind living forever.  I do see these nanobots as being a great way to take care of cancer and other diseases, but I belive the true key to immortality is something different.

In order to live forever, one needs to stop aging.  Aging is the breaking down of cells over time.  If we can stop this type of deteroriation, then one could in theory live forever as long as they didn’t die from a car wreck, accident, etc.

But immortality is not a good idea.  The world is being filled up right now…imagine if nobody ever died.

You live forever but do you still age?  I personally don’t think 175 would be fun looking at most 70+ year olds…

Most causes of death is caused by age-related diseases. In order for one to become immortal they would need to stop the aging process.
But if you were able to do that then you would outstretch resources and the planet would become overcrowded.

hmm…a world where Cher never dies, I’ll pass

Sounds like the ultimate corporate monopoly AGAINST human life. Only the filthy rich will be able to afford it at the begining, and once they get a strangle hold of it, they will control who lives and who dies. I fear the worst is yet to come when politics will fight with religion and win. Why does living have to be a damn priveledge in this world?  I dont know about the rest of you, but life has not treated me well, and I dout I would want to live forever.

nanotech is an interesting topic. i want to see where it goes in the next 10 yrs.

Neil Pearson at 11/7/06
you ar truly using your brain,i would not give immortality to these other imbasiles but for you ,i would destroy the universe to give you imortality.YOU ARE A TRUE GENIUS(COMMON SENSE)

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