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Friday May 13, 2005 4:25 pm

Xbox 360 Revealed Leaves Us Scathing

Posted by Troy Categories: Video Games

Xbox 360 Revealed

Hurray for MTV! So, instead of watching the rest of the Miami Heat VS Washington Wizards game, I decided to give MTV the benefit of the doubt.  They’re working with Microsoft—masters of marketing.  Look at all their products and sales, they know how to sell hardware and software.  Little did I know that the Xbox team must not have watched the final cut. To say the show was terrible is giving it too much credit.  Uselss tidbits like a “live” band and a girl strutting through a large crowd only to show the console for 3 seconds, are satonishing.  For a program that should have been about the new console, very little of the console or games were shown.  Maybe 3 minutes of gameplay, and 3 minutes of console. The “Box” looks impressive, not as stunning as the PS2, but that design looks boring now.  Customization, wireless, absurd amounts of processing power, all very nice.  Lax developers are not good.  Tiger Woods looks like it was built from the ground up on the current Xbox - no thanks EA.

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