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Thursday April 26, 2012 2:10 pm

Man dresses as Mr. Magoo, shoots unmanned squad car five times (video!)

Now we’re not fans of speed traps, nor do we like getting trolled by unmanned squad cars, but when and if the time comes, we cut our losses and take the ticket. The thing is, not everyone will have the same reaction.

Recently, a man down in the Santa Fe area wasn’t too happy about the empty vehicle keeping tabs on him. Dressed as Mr. Magoo (we aren’t sure if this is intentional or not,) he decided to take his revenge out on the unmanned vehicle by shooting five rounds into it. Luckily, the Redflex-operated squad car didn’t suffer much damage, nor did the onboard camera! Check out the video above as Mr. Magoo goes on a rampage.

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