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Wednesday January 19, 2005 11:38 am

MP3 Player Personality Test

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iPod 4G
Not sure which MP3 player you need? There are dozens of great portable audio players these days, so picking the right one with the right price can be a challenege. Now it doesn’t have to be. CNet has an MP3 player personality test that helps you pick the right player for you, whether you are a commuter, fitness freak, traveler, audiophile, file hoarder or an audio recorder. Several of the players do fit into multiple categories, but each fits within the given category.

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Wow…they really do not have a lot of nice things to say about any mp3 player on the market.

Ipod is still my personal favorite, and of course will go great with my minimac wink

Yeah.. they are a little hard on the current mp3 players..  I wish I had an Ipod though =(

I’m definitly gonna have to say that im an ipod personality type. why? cuz that’s what i got for free.

lol ipod only won 3 catogories. still i love my ipod. especailly if its free :D

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