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Tuesday August 9, 2005 4:11 am

Morrison Digital Trumpet

Posted by Edwin Soto Categories: Music

Morrison Digital MIDI TrumpetAs the resident Gear Live audio freak, this trumpet/MIDI device caught my eye. On an “analog” trumpet, you have to raspberry with your lips to get sound to come out of the bell. More importantly, a skilled brass player must keep their chops by practicing maintaining their ambiture . Although, I wouldn’t say that this device instantly makes you a great trumpet player, it certainly makes it easier if you are out of practice (says an out-of-practice trombone player). With that said, Morrison Digital Trumpet allows you to use this trumpet as a MIDI device where you can, of course, hook up to several different types of sources - like you would a MIDI keyboard. The trumpet uses the force of your breath for velocity and has a range of 10 octaves.

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