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Monday April 2, 2007 4:49 pm

More Companies Recall Pet Food

MistyNo clever gadget here, folks, but having recently lost our own dog to liver malfunction, it makes us question why such supposedly reliable and technologically up-to-date companies as Iams and Science Diet may be responsible for the lives of too many pets worldwide. These products are often recommended by vets, and if you can’t rely on them, what can you do?

Our suggestion is, first of all, to halt the consuming of either wet or dry recalled products in question, which now includes Del Monte (manufacturers of Gravy Train and jerky treats,) Purina’s Alpo, and Hill. Switch your pet’s diet to something organic and made locally or make your own kibble. Finally, if you even suspect your best friend is exhibiting symptoms of liver damage, call your local veterinary facility to see if she/he should be tested.

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consumer_advocate consumer_advocate 3/25/14 7:09 pm

So sorry to hear about your dog’s liver malufunction.  It does seem almost too difficult to find a nutritious and healthy dog food these days.  There really are some excellent brands that use human quality ingredients, and non toxic death causing ingredients.

Look into Champion Pet foods, and their Arcadia products.

I am going to attempt to bring this all together very soon for the publics good.

I think you will find most of your answers found at my site.

It is important to note, that a recent recall of beef jerky for people was just issued.  This “all natural” beef jerky may not be the best choice.  Be vigilant with your foodstuffs.

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