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Friday February 18, 2005 5:54 pm

Monkey Thoughts Move Robotic Arm

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DescriptionA team of scientists at Pittsburgh University has used small probes attached to monkey’s brains to test a robotic arm operated by thought only. The limb has a fully mobile shoulder, arm, and gripper hand. The probes were attached to the monkey’s brain, with their natural limbs being restrained. After a while, the monkey were able to control the robotic limbs with their minds as if they were their own. The idea here is that humans with missing limbs may be able to to train their minds to use a robotic limb as if it were the original. Currently the brain probes only last about six months, as organic matter begins to grow over them at that point. The team is working on developing a better probe.

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I for one welcome our new robotic limed monkey overlords. 

Fantastic technology.  I only hope that if I chop off my arm at some point I can have a cool robotic one.

This makes me want to look forward to the future.

wetware scares me. it does have some great uses tho.

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