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Monday January 23, 2006 3:15 pm

Mobile Phones Don’t Cause Cancer, Brain Tumors,  or Glioma

Posted by Edwin Soto Categories: Cell Phones

cellphone cancerFinally, I can tell my mother that I don’t need a special filtered ear patch to talk on my cell phone.  According to the Institute of Cancer Research of London, there is no link to cancer and cell phones.

“Using a mobile phone does not increase the risk of developing the most common type of brain tumor, according to a study on Friday. After a four-year survey, scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research in London and three British universities found no link between regular, long-term use of cell phones and glioma. “Overall, we found no raised risk of glioma associated with regular mobile phone use and no association with time since first use, lifetime years of use, cumulative hours of use, or number of calls,” said Professor Patricia McKinney, of the University of Leeds, in a report in the British Medical Journal. She added that the results were consistent with the findings of most studies done in the United States and Europe.”

Unfortunately, there is still no cure in sight for obnoxious ring tones.

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