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Tuesday February 7, 2006 6:20 pm

Microsoft To Charge For Security Services

Posted by Frank Bisono Categories: Microsoft, PC / Laptop

Nice PC you just bought there, skippy.  I’m sure that you won’t mind paying for “protection” right?  Oh - you mean you don’t want to pay?  That’s until Gweedo and Uncle Bill come knocking on your door and carrying a baseball bat while demanding that $50 to “protect” your PC from the “bad guys” on the Internet.  That’s pretty much Microshaft’s stance on protecting your PC.  You see, apparently it isn’t enough that you bought Windows, you also have to PAY for the priviledge of securing what Microsoft should have done to begin with.  It’s the good ol’ Microsoft way of securing their bottom line you see.

Starting this June, Microsoft will begin to offer it’s paid security services.  They will now be competing against the likes of companies like Symantec and McAfeee, you know, those little software companies.  Hey, if MSFT can take their money, why not right?  Who needs 3rd party developers anyway?

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