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Friday May 26, 2006 2:57 am

Microsoft Introduces Windows Media Photo (.wmp) Format

Posted by Andru Edwards - Categories: Internet, Microsoft

It usually annoys us when a company like Microsoft tries to push their own format over an established standard, but Windows Media Photo has piqued our interest. Looking to challenge the JPEG as the dominant photo format, Windows Media Photo will be fully supported in Windows Vista and Windows XP down the line. What’s hot is that during WinHEC, which is where the format was introduced, a demo showed a WMP image with a 24:1 compression ratio that had more detail than the standard JPEG compressed similarly. Anything that can make web pages load faster while maintaining their quality is fine by us.

Read More | Windows Media Photo Spec via DigitalTechNews

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Forum Discussion

Yeah, I read that earlier today and although jpeg are not the best format in existence, I wouldn’t vouch for Windows’ new format either.  The simple matter that it is not open source forces every other company to bow to them…once more.

It is supposedly better than JPEG in terms of file size/clarity ratios etc.

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