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Wednesday September 28, 2005 5:26 pm

Microsoft and Intel announce their support for HD DVD

Microsoft Intel HD-DVDThe HD Format DVD war is still going on and Toshiba’s HD DVD camp just got 2 more allies.  Microsoft and Intel announced yesterday that they will be supporting the HD DVD format over Blu-Ray.  Each format has a significan’t amount of followers, but at this point it really is a wash as far as who is ahead.  The main reason for Intel and Microsoft’s support is the storage capacity.  For a while, Sony has claimed Blu-Ray has the most storage, but yesterday it was established that due to Toshiba’s dual-layer technology, their discs will hold up to 30GB rather than Blu-Ray’s 25GB. Which format will prevail?

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There could be a case of many raged XBOX360 owners if Microsoft doesn’t include the ability to read HD-DVDs out of the box, then later decides to add it for the same price.

yomer, would be funny to see the rage though.

How are they bigger at 50 gb if Blu-Ray has been able to reach 50gb for a really long time in their dual layer burns.

Furthermore they have made 100gb disks.

Info from www.blu-ray.com

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