On Gear Live: Exclusive: I used Microsoft’s Surface watch

Wednesday June 5, 2013 4:58 pm

Microsoft details Windows 8.1 features [Video]

Windows 8.1 preview

Microsoft has prepared a video first-look at Windows 8.1, the upcoming update to its major desktop operating system, due out later this year. Using a Surface Pro to demo the software, Jensen Harris of the Windows User Experience team walks us through some of the improvements, including the new cloud-powered lockscreen, new Start screen tile sizes, app sorting, Start screen arranging, new personalization options, motion accents for wallpapers, and more. Two pretty big items not touched upon are the return of the Start button, and that Outlook 2013 is coming to Windows RT 8.1. Check out the full video after the break to see what awaits you in Windows 8.1, the preview of which will be available on June 26.

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Alik Griffin Alik Griffin 6/8/13 7:18 pm

I’ve been using windows 8 and like it a lot. But this demo looks pretty awesome. I can’t wait.

Nice, I think they have solved some issue and increase their market demand by releasing the free upgrade.
Nice strategy,and cool features.

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i updated my lenovo to windows 8.1 but experiencing lot of bugs. Boot time is slower than windows 8.


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